Cloaker's balm

Foul-smelling salve designed to ward off the attention of certain cave predators


Cloaker’s balm is an alchemical substance created from certain components found in the bodies of the undead. When applied properly, it renders the wearer invisible to the attentions of the cave predators colloquially known as “cloakers”. A single vial of the fluid retains its efficacy for approximately one day after application, providing the wearer does not come into prolonged contact with running water.

Effect: The wearer is invisible to cloakers for one day.

After one round of more or less full-body contact with water, or with a similarly strong-smelling substance that would mask or replace the smell of the balm, this benefit is reduced to total concealment. Two rounds, and it is reduced to simply concealment. After three rounds or more, all benefit is removed.


Cloaker's balm

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