Emerald Claw

The Emerald Claw was originally a group of elite shock-trooper style knights under the crown of Karrnath, although they have since been outlawed in Karrnath and have gone underground.

During the reign of Kaius I of Karrnath, the Emerald Claw provided security and elite agents to the crown. Toward the end of his reign, for unknown reasons, he began to dismantle them. It wasn’t until Regent Moranna took power that the Order was finally driven underground.

They continue to operate in a semi-terrorist fashion to this day, proclaiming their desire to see Karrnath once again rise to power and garnering support from the Blood of Vol. The Order of the Emerald Claw is spread throughout Khorvaire.

Our adventurers encountered the Emerald Claw in Season 1, Episode 3 of our tale.

Emerald Claw

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