Discretion and Valor

Soldiers playing dice

Discretion and Valor is common dice game in Khorvaire, especially cherished by soldiers of the Five Nations during the Last War. It is played with a number of six-sided dice (the precise number varies based on circumstance and cultural context), which have multi-colored sides: three green, two yellow, and one red. On a player’s turn he rolls the dice and counts the green ones. He may be satisfied and take that score, or he may continue to roll the non-green dice until they are all green as well. If they are all green, that is “full victory”, and his or her score for that turn is doubled. If on any single roll at least one of a player’s dice come up red, and none of the player’s dice come up green (i.e. all are either red or yellow), that player is “dead”, and cannot take any more turns. At the end of the game, the player with the highest score (or the one who first reached the target score) wins. If a player’s score is high enough, it is entirely possible that “dead” players will wind up as the winner.

In the common soldier’s version of the game, before the first roll of the dice on each player’s turn, a player utters the phrase, "Tell my mother … ", adding to this the things his mates should tell his mother if he should be killed in battle. This serves as a way for soldiers to form emotional bonds quickly with new comrades.

Cedric Burkh had his entry into Cragwar Academy settled by a game of Discretion and Valor with several fellow applicants. He narrowly defeated his closest competitor, Wolfram Apgar, by cheating at the last moment.

Discretion and Valor

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